KidiZones Find suitable places for you and your kids

This is a web site intended for parents to find and update child friendly areas for others to visit. Everyone can join and recommend playgrounds or restaurants. Our joint efforts will make it easier to find suitable child friendly areas in Europe.

Types of places you can choose from:

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    Suitable for do 1 1-3 3+ 6+
      • toilet
      • supervised soft play
      • admission fee
      • disabled access
      • sun shaded areas
      • highchairs
      • drinking water
      • parking
      • travel cot
      • wifi free

      Mission statement

      All information on this website is updated by parents like you. By recommending and rating places on this site, you will earn points that will be added to your user account. The more point you earn the more reliable your recommended places will become.

      Why was this web site created?

      We have little children at home and grew tired of trying to figure out where to take them for lunch or to play. So we decided to launch this web site/application so parents can share collective information of child friendly places to visit.

      How does it work?

      Database is updated and rated by collective parental users. It is up to us to rate, comment or edit which will keep it up to date. The more places we update the easier it will be for us to find out where to go with our children.

      What kind of places to add and how to update them?

      This web site is indented for parents. You should therefore update child friendly areas and places for kids (playgrounds, soft plays or restaurants with designated areas for children). It is easy to update the address as the web site uses goggle whisper and you can update the location by using the arrow on the map. By adding new areas you can collect points which will then enable you to edit and comment on existing places.

      Why add new places?

      It is easy. The more areas you add the easier you can find the ideal place for you and your children. This database requires your input for it to be successful. So please think of yourself and others as well and keep updating. I no longer want to go to restaurants which advertise play area and find just a box with pencils.
      Do you?

      How to edit or delete?

      Existing places already have some points given by author. To be able to edit or delete place it will need to gain at least 70 points.

      What is Meet&Play and how does it work?

      Meet&play is new option we have created for users to be able to send requests to other users and parents to join them in the park or their favourite location.
      By inviting users to Meet&play in your location you get the oportunity to meet new people and friends.
      GO on and try it out:)

      What is Watchdog and how does it work?

      Watchdog enables you to subscribe for automated notifications about activities/Meet&Play requests and newly added places in your location.
      Just select and name radius you want to be notified about and wait for the emails to come in.
      You can select more than one locations in the main menu under your login details.

      Score system

      By using this web site, each user can collect user points.
      Collect points by:

      1. Registration - 10 pts
      2. Adding new place - 20 pts
      3. Editing - 15 pts
      4. Scoring - 5 pts
      5. Commenting - 10 pts
      6. Confirm - 20 pts
      7. Recommend to delete - 15 pts
      8. Share on social media - 10 pts
      9. New Meet&Play - 20 pts
      10. Join Meet&Play - 10 pts
      Author reserves the right to add points to users that are actively supporting this project :-)